If you only had three months left to live...

This class is a combination of what I have learned from my experience as a hospice nurse and an end-of-life doula. I have had the honor of witnessing many last breaths and providing comfort and care to those who are dying. From this experience, I have created a unique practicum for you, that I think could change how you live the rest of your life.

This is a seven-week class. Each week we will discuss what would be most important to you at the end of your life; what comforting care you will want and need, what you can and can't live without, and what priorities, wishes and dreams you would focus on if you only had three months left to live. 

My intention for this course is to offer you the opportunity to go deeper within than you might be used to, in a gentle and beautiful way. By choreographing your last three months of life, my hope is that you become more aware of how you live your life currently. I will encourage and support you as you resolve any issues that might be weighing heavy, let go of things that no longer serve purpose, and focus on relationships that are strong and healthy so that the rest of your life is spent filled with positive and joyful energy.

Whether you work in the end-of-life field or not, I will hand over tools that will allow you to feel more confident at the bedside and be able to provide comfort and support to someone who is dying.

Each exercise has been designed to tap into all of your feels and elicit responses that might pleasantly surprise you and leave you wanting more. Some weeks won't be easy, but I promise to support and encourage you every step of the way. 

If you are interested in becoming an end-of-life doula or want to work in hospice, this class will be a great first step for you.

If you are currently caring for someone who is nearing the end of their life, this class will be very helpful for you.

If you are navigating a terminal illness, this class will help you to personalize your last few months/weeks.

If you are simply looking forward to having deep conversations with people from different walks of life and want to be reminded of the magic and wonder of it all … this is the class for you.

The cost for this course is $325.00 (US dollars). 

Payment can be made via VENMO or PayPal

Please note that payment is non-refundable, however if you need to cancel a class I will allow you to apply it to something else. 

Please email me if you want to join the class.

Registration is now open for the next session which starts in May.

Wednesday night 6pm (Pacific Time): May 18th through June 29th

Saturday morning 9am (Pacific Time): May 21st through July 2nd

*This class is once a week for seven weeks; you can choose which day/time works best for you. 


 Reviews from those who have taken my class...

"I took the Best Three Months class…let me tell you, that it was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Gabby is so phenomenal and just so full of love and knowledge. Because of this class I am pursuing my certification of being a Doula for EOL and plan on taking classes in EOL education. This class is so rewarding and you will not regret it. If you have a thought of doing it…do it."

"As a student in the Best Three Months class, I can tell you that learning from Gabby has altered how I see the world. To be given the opportunity to view others through her specific lens of compassion is a profound experience. Gabby is the type of teacher at whose feet I could sit for hours ~ listening, absorbing and taking away with me a new understanding of how to share the best of me with another human being. I feel better equipped to be present, hold space and help those going through the process of transition. And, in a way, I have been given pause to consider how I would like to move through my own process of transition when my time comes. Priceless." 

"I have taken this course and it was amazing! Gabby is an incredible teacher and she has structured the course and individual sessions so anyone can benefit from the content (individuals who work within the death and dying field and those who are simply interested).  I am so appreciative of this course, it's teaching, and most of all, Gabby."

"I recently took both of Gabby's classes, the Best Three Months and the Ritual and Ceremony. They were both really wonderful. I am not a nurse, nor do I volunteer at Hospice, but I found all the information invaluable and comforting. I know far more about myself now, what I would like to have at the end of my life, and how I would like to share my wishes with my loved ones. These are both extremely worthwhile classes if you are planning to become involved in this field, or even if you're not. I was so happy to have found Gabby and to have signed up."

"I am so happy I took this class. What a great opportunity to learn more about myself so that I can live a more fulfilled life. As a hospice nurse, it also gave me tools to use at the bedside to provide excellent care. I recommend this class to everyone I know!"

"I took this class without being in hospice, or a nurse, just a nursery school director with curiosity. Best thing I have done! It gave me much knowledge Of myself and a comfort with death and dying. If you are thinking about it, jump in, worth every penny and you will not regret it!"

"I took both of the classes Best Three Months and Ritural & Ceremony. I have no connection with hospice or nursing. My father passed a few months back in a Hopice House. So I took the Best Three Months to find out more about hospice and how it works. I did find out about hospice..... but I found out much more about myself and living life to the fullest everyday! I have had many deep conversations with my family about dying and respecting final wishes. I recommend these classes to everyone! Gabby is the best!"