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Everything Comes Back to You

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

I picked up the phone to call you today

Forgetting (again) you are gone

So many things I’ve wanted to say

Wishing you could pick up the phone

The funny thing is, or maybe it’s sad

We hadn’t talked before you died

We had a terrible fight, and we wasted time

Tears won’t stop filling my eyes

Despite the fight that tore us apart

Despite the things that we’ve both said and done

You are my brother and I am your sister

That sibling bond will never come undone

If I had a chance to say one more thing

Here’s what I would do

I would let you know that despite it all

Everything comes back to you

I'll love you forever

I miss you brother

I'm sorry for the wasted time

In my heart we are always together

In your memories... and in mine.



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