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I will walk alongside you

Updated: Jan 2

When I know that you are hurting

I struggle with what to say

My words do not seem adequate

Sometimes it feels easier to slowly back away

But I know that isn’t helpful

It doesn’t comfort you the way you need

I reach down deep inside

I search the depths of me

I look for the most perfect words

Something to dry your tears

Not being able to comfort you

Is one of my biggest fears

And then I finally realized

It isn’t words you need

It is the promise that I will walk alongside you

And that is what you will get from me

I won’t tell you how to feel

Or suggest a different way

Instead, I will be there to listen

To every word you say

I will be there when you are silent

I will be there when you cry

I will wipe away the tears

That fill inside your eyes

I will walk alongside you

I will follow your lead

I will be there for you

In any way that you might need

by Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

The very best way we can support someone who is hurting, is to walk alongside them...

not ahead of them, or behind them, but right next to them, and to be there for them in

any way they need...

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