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The Trouble Box and The Wish Box

I had a patient a few years ago, who I visited twice a week until she died. On her coffee table was this box, it was never opened. It became a part of our routine for me to ask what was in it, and for her to say it was none of my business.... and we would both laugh.

When I would leave at the end of each visit, she would always say, "may your troubles be small", which would make me take pause, and smile.

When she died, she left me the box. For some reason, I did not open it right away. I think there was a part of me that needed to keep the mystery going. I finally opened it last year and without really reading the words, I simply saw it as a wish box. I kept the lid closed and once in awhile, I would pass by it, tap the box a few times and make a wish.

I recently opened it, and read the words again. I lifted the paper and there was a smaller box, which is the trouble box. I never stopped and really read the words before, I never knew there was a second box.

Inside, the note read:

May your troubles be small,

your dreams big,

and all your wishes fulfilled.

That's why The Trouble Box is small,

and The Wish Box is big.

The world has too many rules already,

but it seems to me that The Trouble Box

should be used first, and then the Wish Box.

Free your mind from troubles

so that you can concentrate on your big dreams,

and your wish will come true.

If I follow the words properly, I would be reminded to wish for my troubles to be small...

I shall wish that for all of us... ❤



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