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Grief: Ritual and Ceremony Class (Aug 25)

Grief: Ritual and Ceremony Class (Aug 25)

As a hospice nurse, and an end-of-life doula, I use a lot of ritual and ceremony in my work. I have witnessed the comfort it brings to patients and their families, and I will share some of my experiences with you.

My goal is to hand over some of my tools to help you create your own rituals and ceremonies, while at the same time offering you comfort, support and relief from whatever you might be struggling with. I have learned that they can help with grief and loss, but also stress, anxiety, panic attacks, regret, guilt, and emotional pain that has been held in for far too long. 


Class Details: 


  • Hosted over zoom
  • Duration ranges from 1 ½ - 2 hours.
  • Consists of 2 rituals for the group, which can be difficult and emotional, but also incredibly healing.


When: Sunday, August 25th 11am-1pm PST


  • I also offer private ritual classes, which are one hour (unless more time is needed) and designed especially for you and what you need.
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