At the Bedside; an introduction to becoming an end-of-life doula

What is an end-of-life doula?

Please join me for a three-hour workshop where I will share about the heart and philosophy of the doula, as well as the comfort they bring to someone who is dying, and someone who is preparing to say goodbye.

I will hand over my tools to help you choreograph the journey from diagnosis to death for someone who is dying.

In this class we will cover the following:

  • What is a doula?

  • Getting the conversation started with patient and family

  • Signs and symptoms of death approaching

  • Non-clinical ways to provide support, relief and comfort

  • Honoring their wishes

  • Self care

  • Grief

My book "At the Bedside" is not required for this course but would be an excellent book for you to have.

Get the Book Here

This class will not certify you to become a doula  but it will give you bedside tools, and I will provide you with references for doula programs that I highly respect. 

Note: This class pairs nicely with my Best Three Months course.

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Photo credit: @bobandmarge (Instagram)