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Covering topics on the end-of-life and more.

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Speaking on the end-of-life

Are you looking to educate your audience, workplace, or other organization on end-of-life topics? I am available to speak on a variety of topics centered around end-of-life and grief. Available for online opportunities as well as in person events.

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A Passion for Education Around End-of-Life Topics

Education is key. I have found that when I first meet with someone who is providing end-of-life care, they have so many questions, uncertainties, and fear. There are a lot of misconceptions, which I want to clear up. The more we talk about it, the more comfortable people will be. I am always pleased when I can hand over my tools to someone and relieve them of their fear, this is my goal, something I strive for always.

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Who needs to hear these topics?

It begins with anyone who works in the end-of-life care field; all members of the hospice team, those who initiate the first contact with patients and families, and anyone who takes calls from them. You do not have to be a clinician to provide end-of-life care. I especially like to speak with caregivers and hospice volunteers. Anyone who is caring for someone who is dying deserves to have the tools to provide the care well, and without fear.

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Finding new ways to discuss grief

Working in this field, has given me a front row seat to the different layers of grief, which begins as early as diagnosis, and lingers years after that last breath is taken. I am drawn to finding ways to comfort people through it. After losing my brother, grief took on a whole new meaning. When I shared my own struggles, I was surprised by the hundreds of responses I received from The Hospice Heart Community, reminding me that grief is everywhere, and within every one of us. I want to find a way to offer comfort and support to anyone who is grieving.

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Topics I can speak on

But not limited to

Book Gabby: List

Diagnosis to death... what does that look like

Removing fear and uncertainty for those at the bedside

Death and dying education

Most commonly asked questions

Grief, which includes anticipatory grief

Understanding hospice

How to help someone who is grieving

Stress management for caregivers

For a full list of topics please go to Gabby's Media Kit Here

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