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A Fragile Leaf Falls

Updated: Mar 19

I was present for a man who chose to exercise his legal right to take the end-of-life medication’s to end his suffering caused by his terminal diagnosis. He is being referred to by all who know him as the kindest man you’ll ever meet. I only had a small glimpse into the window of who he was and I would have to agree.

I witnessed deep and powerful love by everyone in the room, but also had the pleasure of hearing how his kindness and generosity ricocheted out to hundreds of people. His family is beautiful and their love for each other filled me up in ways I cannot adequately express with words.

His 14-year old daughter wrote him this poem and read it to all of us moments before he bravely took the medications and died. I will never forget the sound of her words as she read them, or the look on his face as he heard them. That my friends... is love.

A wind whistles.

You shake.

A fragile leaf falls.

No one catches it.

That can’t be you.

You can get caught.

And we will catch you every time.

Except today. Except now.

By your own will.

I will stand by you.

And I will forever remember that one pill.

That caused you to be the leaf.

Just promise me.

When you are the magic of witches.

You will sparkle the brightest.

Written by Kayla P.


His legacy will be that he was kind, that he was generous, and that he inspired others to be the same. He had such pride in his eyes as he looked around the room and said goodbye. He would be proud of how they came together after he died, how they will support one another, and how beautifully they will tell his story and say his name. I have only known them a few short hours but I too am incredibly proud of them, and honored to know them.

The honor was truly mine.



Please note that Kayla and her mother gave me permission to share the poem.

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