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Dear Grief...

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

I was thinking about you today … and how you make me feel

Wishing you were just a dream … wishing you weren’t real

But the truth is that you are here to stay

You are never going to leave

This is something I am learning to accept

Something I know and something I believe

I am doing the very best I can

Taking each day one at a time

Honoring what I need for me

Accepting that some days... I am not fine

There is something I have been meaning to say

Something important I want you to hear

I will allow you to walk alongside me

I will allow you to stay near

But you will not block my path

You will not get in my way

You will honor and respect me

You will listen to what I say

You will comfort me when I am down

You will hold me good and tight

You will allow me to have good and bad days

And you will love me with all your might

The truth has become quite clear to me…

Grief… you are here to stay

It’s okay… you are welcome here

But this has to be done my way…



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