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Grief changes from day to day

If you asked me how I was doing

I’ll tell you what I would say

Grief is really messy

And it changes from day to day

Some days I am wearing a coat with many pockets

Each one is filled with mud

And sometimes it feels like I am drowning

In a pouring rain-caused flood

Some days I feel all tangled up

Unable to break free

It feels like my sadness

Is suffocating me

Some days I do see sunshine

Amidst the pouring rain

And it has this gentle loving way

Of softening my pain

Those days are few and far between

They might never happen again

So I take each good day, one at a time

And truly savor them

If you ask me how I am doing

I’ll tell you what I’d say

I am doing the very best I can

With all the changes grief brings my way



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Sep 28, 2022

Your poem reminded me of the ritual & ceremony class you just held. The focus was on forgiveness of self and others. Yes, the jacket with many pockets filled with mud to represent the grief from our losses can indeed weigh us down. Your expression of seeing sunshine on some days I shall equate with hope. Hope that when the time comes whenever that may be, will lighten the load. The spring in your walk will return and the joy that you bring to others will come back to you. Sending you love and light.

Oct 05, 2022
Replying to

I love this, thank you... xo Gabby


Sep 28, 2022

You've perfectly describe how grief is and what it does! Thank you, Gabby!

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