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Grief changes from day to day

If you asked me how I was doing

I’ll tell you what I would say

Grief is really messy

And it changes from day to day

Some days I am wearing a coat with many pockets

Each one is filled with mud

And sometimes it feels like I am drowning

In a pouring rain-caused flood

Some days I feel all tangled up

Unable to break free

It feels like my sadness

Is suffocating me

Some days I do see sunshine

Amidst the pouring rain

And it has this gentle loving way

Of softening my pain

Those days are few and far between

They might never happen again

So I take each good day, one at a time

And truly savor them

If you ask me how I am doing

I’ll tell you what I’d say

I am doing the very best I can

With all the changes grief brings my way



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