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We only get one chance at life.

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

I have experienced a lot of loss I have had to say many goodbyes I’ve had buckets full of tears Pouring from my eyes

But I have also witnessed many things That bring me joy and make me smile I am not dead yet I could be here for quite awhile

So instead of spiraling down and letting go of my health and wasting the time I do have left by not caring for myself

I plan to embrace my life now Practicing better self-care Appreciating everything in my life Taking time to breathe in fresh air

I am not dead yet I have so much more life to live I have things I still want to do So much more love to give

We only get one chance at life Let’s do it better, let’s have more fun Let’s not waste another moment of it Let’s not stop until we are done

xo Gabby

Take care of you... you matter...

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1 Comment

George Trainor
George Trainor
Aug 09, 2022

This isn't about dying . . .It's about living!

Seems a bit of a change - But what a great idea to put it out here.

I will probably write a little more later.

For now . . . Just THANK YOU! ❤️

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