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If you could call and talk to someone, who would it be?

I had a dream last night that I walked out into my living room, and on the coffee table was a telephone. It wasn’t mine, and it wasn’t there the night before. There was a tag on it that read, “if you could call someone, anyone at all, right now, who would it be?”


My first instinct was to call my brother, and then my mom, and then my dad, and then a few friends, and then it was my sister… And while I miss all of them so much, it is her I think I miss the most. She is the person I wish I had more time with, the person I appreciate so much more now than I ever did before, the one that I want to tell just how much I love her, and how thankful I am for her.


I didn’t immediately call her. 

I kept thinking to myself, “I only get one phone call, what am I going to say, what am I going to tell her?” 

And I worried about the time, what if I only have a few minutes, what if I have two hours?  There is so much I could say to her. I don’t want to waste a second of this opportunity.


I sat on the couch for a few minutes, thinking about how the conversation would go. I found myself smiling at the thought of talking to her again. 


I finally picked up the phone. I didn’t hear a sound in the background, and I didn’t hear a dial tone. I didn’t know what to do. 


And then I heard her voice, she said, “hello sister, I miss you too. I’ve been keeping an eye on you; I am really proud of you and who you’ve become. I am always here with you even though you can’t see me. And you don’t need the phone to talk to me. I am everywhere.”

And then the phone went back to quiet.


I felt this sense of relief, and I feel it now too, as though the whole point of the dream was to let me know that she is everywhere with me, and that I can talk to her anytime I want to.

And that brought me so much comfort.





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1 Comment

Deaconess Lundquist
Deaconess Lundquist
Jan 31

Thank you Gabby for sharing your gifts. God bless you.

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