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My Mortality

Who am I and what have I done

Where have I been

Have I had enough fun

Have I taken advantage

Of each moment and of time

Have I cherished the hands

That have rested in mine

Have I savored my life

Enough to say

That if I only had just one more day

I would know in my heart I have lived my life well I picked myself up each time that I fell

I got back up and I never stopped trying

Despite my heartache

And all of my crying

Life hasn’t been easy

I’ve been beaten and bruised

But I’ve also risen above

Often amused

By the lack of care and treatment I received

I have been lied to, let down, and also deceived

But I have also felt joy, despite the pain

And even though it hurt

I would do it again

Because I have come to see

What a gift my life has been

All the things that I have done

And the beauty I have seen

I am curious and excited

About what lies ahead

But uncertain how much time left

I have been gifted

I question my mortality

And thankful too

It reminds me to savor each day

And you should too

by Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

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