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Muddy Footprints

Grief enters the door of your heart

as though it is marching to the beat of a very loud drum

it effects every part of your body, leaving you feeling

exhausted, and oftentimes numb


Grief does not wait for an invitation

and it behaves like an uninvited guest

despite how well we try to handle it

every day feels like we have failed a test


Grief stomps through your heart scattering muddy footprints

everywhere that it goes

leaving you feeling covered in bruises

from the top of your head, down to your toes


Grief blinds you, leaving you unable to see

making you grasp tightly to the walls around you

fearful you might fall to your knees.


Grief does not come with an agenda

there is no map or plan

we are left to navigate it completely unprepared

not sure where we will land


But grief also knows we are vulnerable

that we are in an unfamiliar place

So, despite how hard it might be for all of us

Grief will eventually find a way to hold space for us

offering peace and grace

Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

Most of my life I have kept my grief to myself, sometimes feeling uncopmfortable with the myriad of different feelings I was experiencing. I often thought something was wrong with me because I was all over the place. When my brother died, it was as though he gave me permission to feel, whatever I needed to feel, and to be open and honest about it. Grief does not stay in one place... it truly is all over the place. Be gentle with yourself... and know that you are not alone.



You might find my book, "Healing a Grieiving Heart" helpful on your grief journey.

I wrote it on mine.







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