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Talk about it.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I often say that no one asks me how my day is, because I think they are afraid I am going to tell them. Most people do not want to hear about what I do every day... they don't want to hear or talk about death. But the truth is, if we talked about it more... it wouldn't be the elephant in the room. And if in general, we talked about it more... when that time comes (which by the way it will), we would be more comfortable talking about our own wants and wishes as well as listening to, and honoring, our friends and family members.

Imagine if we had the conversation before any diagnosis or sudden death happens... so that we are on board with the people we love, and they are on board with us.

Death does not happen sooner because you talked about it, and it won't hold off because you didn't. Talking about death isn't contagious... you are not going to catch a terminal illness because you shared with your loved ones how you want to be cared for, what music you would like to hear, or what kind of celebration you want.

Talk about it, share your wants and wishes. Have the conversation and stop being afraid of it... it is a part of our reality... with life, comes death... if we talk about it now, ahead of time, maybe we would have a little more fun living our life.

I am all about having a little more fun!!!!

xo Gabby

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