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That Final Bow

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

What if we did things differently

What if we didn’t waste so much time

What a difference it could make in your life

What a difference it could make in mine

I think about this often

The things I wish I had said or done

Wishing I had spent a little more time

Savoring life, laughing and having far more fun

These are the things I hear

When I am sitting next to the bed

Of a patient who is dying

These are the thoughts that spin around their head

What if, and I wish

Are the things they often say

Wishing for more moments and more time

Wishing for just one more day

Time takes on a whole new meaning

When you haven't much left to spare

Such as time with friends and family

And all the love you still have left to share

If we could learn something from them

If we start making changes now

Perhaps we would have less regret

When we take that final bow

By Gabrielle Elise Jimenez (Gabby)

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