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The things we learn when death is near.

Updated: Jun 9

When we take our very first breath, we have no idea what it means to be alive.

We have no set plan, we are not burdened by judgment or scarred by years of bad choices.

We do not know what it feels like to be lied to, disappointed, or afraid.

We have not learned about family, or friendship.

We do not understand the meaning of hard work, of accomplishing big things, or earning respect.

We are each gifted opportunity, possibility, curiosity, and dreams.

We are not taught how to navigate life.

We are most often led by example, sometimes bad examples, but always choice.

We are gifted life, and we only get one chance at that.

We make mistakes.

We grow and evolve, and hopefully we learn.

We laugh, we cry, we ache, we feel… everything... albeit sometimes differently than others… and that’s okay, because one of our other gifts is that we are unique and that is a beautiful thing.

And moments before we take our last breath, we can’t help but be focused on all of that.

We think about our life, how we lived it, what we did, and what we didn’t do.

This oftentimes leaves us wishing we had done more… or had more… time, of course, but also a chance to do it differently, better, not wasting a moment of it.

Death comes and we can’t help but look backwards.

This should be a reminder to live our life like the gift that it is.

Perhaps with more gratitude and appreciation, wrapped beautifully with an increased kindness toward others, less judgment, more patience, and honesty. Always honesty.

And most of all, to savor love, every single glorious moment of the love we have for others, and the love they have for us.

After all... the greatest, most beautiful thing that happens when we are born, is that we are gifted opportunity, possibility, curiosity, dreams... and love.... and we should not take that for granted, or waste a moment of it.

Oh… the things we learn when death is near.



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