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Their love is a beautiful love

The first thing I noticed when I met them, was the way he looked at her. It was far more than love alone, it was trust, and compassion and most of all it was relief from all of the things that he was struggling with. She makes him feel less pain, less ache, and less sense of loss for all that has been taken from him since given a terminal diagnosis. Her love for him is better than any medication, any prayer or comforting words, and she, despite how cloudy the skies might be, is his sunrise, his sunset and his rainbow all in one.

Her nights are sleepless, her days are dedicated totally to him, and her care is constantly kind regardless of how tired she might be feeling. If she is gifted an hour to walk around the block, her steps are quick so she can hurry to be back at his bedside, because she does not want to miss any minutes of time that she can spend with him.

His illness has been one long battle after another, with so many changes in what he experiences or what he needs, I imagine that she must wake up every morning wondering what the day will bring them. And yet, she is always at his bedside with the gentlest of touch, a smile on her face when she sees him, and the promise of some special treat she will make for him, which always puts a sparkle in his eyes. She is patient, when most wouldn’t or couldn’t be. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own reactions to it all, it just means that she handles it all with grace.

She is not perfect, but she does not claim or pretend to be. She breaks down, like any of us would. She must have moments where she just wants to scream as loud as she can, but if she does, none of us see it.

She talks to him, not at him, and she calls him “Amore” and showers him with love. And while she takes in every single moment, cherishing it, knowing it could be their last, she continues to make each of those moments special for him. On a TV screen that takes up most of the wall space, is a constant revolving photo display of their adventures together, of which there were many, and the music that is playing all of the time, are songs they chose together.

Life is fragile and unpredictable, no one knows this more than they do, and yet despite the uncertainty of the time they have left together, and the exhaustion and frustration they both feel, their love continues to vibrate on levels that most of us can only dream about.

I have only been gifted a tiny little glimpse into their life together, but I feel confident that from my perspective, and from my front row seat, that what I am seeing, and what I am so very blessed to witness, is love… true, honest, and committed love that two people have for one another and wow! what an honor that is for me.

She is a perfect example of how to make every moment matter. She is the epitome of unselfish, she represents deep, and powerful love for another, and she is magical and lovely and kind… and every time he looks at her, I believe that is what he sees too. Their love is a beautiful love.

This photo is one she took... that she gave me permission to share.

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