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We are nurses... that's what we do.

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

We don’t wear a cape We don’t have wings We are not angels We are none of those things

What we are is human We lead with our heart We give all of ourselves From the very start

For every patient And every family we see We do everything we can To honor their needs

We rarely eat We forget to pee We have bumps and bruises And scrapes on our knees

We are tired We are cranky We don't have time to take breaks Every bone in our body constantly aches

But when we look in your eyes When we see your pain and your fear We make a promise to you That we will stay very near

We want you to know You are not doing this alone We are right beside you We will get this done

We will support you We will provide you with the very best care We will make sure That you are not feeling scared

We will sit at your beside We will stay close to you We are nurses… that’s what we do!

To all the nurses out there... THANK YOU!

❤️ Love, Gabby

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