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We will not walk away

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

When someone has received a terminal diagnosis,

and they’ve been told they have less time

what this translates most to them, is that

they have been moved to the front of the line

A line no one wants to stand in

a line that can often bring fear

a line that changes everything for them

and lets them know that death is near

So many things are taken from them

most importantly, their autonomy and choice

leaving them dependent on everyone and everything

no longer having a voice

So, if given an opportunity to say goodbye to pain,

to end their suffering, and to feel free again

they need to know we support them

that we will not walk away

they need to know that whatever they choose

we are here to stay

by Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

A poem written for my new book "Dignity Day," which is about Medical Aid in Dying and

the decision a person might make to exercise their legal right to take end of life medications.

You can find the book here:

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