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What does grief feel like?

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Someone asked me what grief feels like...

I told her that some days it will take everything you have to get out of bed. You might go days without eating, without showering and you might sleep for days, or not sleep for days... grief is inconsistent. You will be sad, you will be angry and some days you will be both. Some days you might feel numb, or you might feel nothing at all. Some days you might cry and cry and cry... and then you will find yourself laughing, and almost feel a little guilty as though you should not be smiling or having fun, and god forbid you find reasons to laugh. And sometimes you wonder... will I ever smile or laugh again? But alas my friends.... grief is all of that.

Imagine a lifetime with someone you love... the laughter, the smiles, the tears, the anger, the harsh words, the words of love and kindness... and even those moments where words are not spoken. Grief is all of that... it is all the feels, all the time, each day different. And the only thing you can do... is feel it all.

Grief takes time... Grief is a process... Grief is all the feels, all the time, wrapped tightly around all the love you ever felt.. Grief is baby steps... Grief is the never ending box of tissues... Grief is something we all experience, but we do it differently, so it isn't for us to tell someone how to feel, or how long they will or should feel it. Just let them know they are not alone... and to feel... whatever they need to feel.

Grief never goes away... just like our love for them.



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