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What is love?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

I went to the funeral of a patient recently. He was a good and kind man, who loved his family so much you could feel it when you were in their presence. Love is one of the beautiful things I am blessed to witness often; deep, powerful, committed, compassionate, delicious love. I find myself envious of it sometimes… and think, “I wish I had just a morsel of what they have.”

The funeral was beautiful… not a dry eye there. Each person who spoke of him, spoke from their heart, which was filled with love for him, and his family. They spoke of his integrity, his honesty, his playfulness, his curiosity, and his kindness. They spoke of his love for his wife and their son… and when they used the word “love” it was said gently, and carefully with deep respect, reminding us to appreciate the meaning more so than we already do.

Love is a beautiful thing, a gift for sure… I am thankful to witness this, and each time I find myself wanting to do “love” better. To not say the word as though it can easily fall off my tongue, but to instead, stop and pause, and set intention with it so much so, that the person I say it to feels it with every ounce of their being.

What is love? It is as big as life, and even death. Love is the silk thread that binds us together, that holds us safely in its grip… it’s the place we go that we feel the safest and most secure… so that we can endure anything we must face… such as death. Love, is the forever hug…

With love,



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