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Wind Chimes

I know it's you that comes to visit me

I feel you each time

It might be the rainbow after a pouring rain

And always when I hear wind chimes

When I feel a slight wind pass by me

I know that you are near

And when I see a feather on the ground

I know it is you leaving me a souvenir

I don't take these signs for granted

I savor all of them

and with every bird, or flower or song

I know it's you coming to visit again.

I wish you were here in person

I miss you every single day

But I always have you with me

You show up in a million different ways.

by Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

Photo Credit:

Please note that this incredible photographer also gifted me one of his beautiful photos for my new book Dignity Day, which can be found here:

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