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You can't fix my grief

Updated: May 14, 2023

You can’t fix my grief

You can’t make it go away

I understand you want to

But for now, it is here to stay

I appreciate your thoughtfulness

And all the kindness that you’ve shared

It matters more than you can possibly know

The many ways you’ve shown you care

The best thing you can do for me

Is to show up day after day

It might take months, or even years

For my sorrow to fade away

You don’t need to fix me

Know that your presence is enough

Some days I might not respond to you

It’s just because some days are really tough

I hope you’ll stick around

When others have walked away

The best thing you can do for me

Is promise me that you will stay

By Gabrielle Jimenez ("Gabby")

Photo credit: @cc_tomoy (Instagram)

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