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30 Minute Grief Support Session

30 Minute Grief Support Session

As a hospice nurse and end-of-life doula, I use a lot of ritual and ceremony in my work. I have witnessed the comfort it brings to patients and their families, especially relative to the grieving process. 


GRIEF... it's messy, inconsistent, unpredictable and can be emotionally as well as physically painful. I get it! I hold a workshop once a month that focuses on grief. Some of you are unable to attend due to time difference, schedules or finances.

I created this 30-minute video, which is a mini-version of my two hour workshop, that you can download in your own home no matter what time it is, and whenever you are ready to to sit down and be with it (and your grief). I would love to have you in my workshop but wanted to make something for you that was private, easily accessible, and affordable.


I hope this video brings you comfort. 

Please know that you are not alone.


I really hope to see you in one of my workshops, because sometimes being around other people who get how you are feeling, can be very comforting.


The 30 minute session includes:


- Grief talk
- Ritual ideas 
- Breathwork session
- And an invitation for response


You can download this personal recording in the privacy of your home and have it for life to come back to when you need it most. 


I am always holding space for you.



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