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All the memories we made together

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

I had a moment today

Or should I say… another

When I realized you were not here

And you will be gone forever

I never thought there would come a day

When I would not see you again

The only thing I have left of you

Are the memories in my head

I play them back over and over

I go to all the places we have been

I wish so badly we could go back in time

And do it all over again

I can’t be certain I would do things differently

But one thing I know for sure

I would savor each moment we had together

So that my memories become less of a blur

All the memories we made together

In my heart is where they stay

I miss you and I always will

That will never go away

by Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

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Charlie Porzio
Charlie Porzio
Oct 09, 2023

❤️Beautiful, heart felt


Jan 06, 2023

The most endearing memories I have of my parents and my in-laws are a few of their photos. Looking at them each morning and greeting them each day puts me in a good mood. Of course, this was not possible in my early grief. I love to see their smiles. Your words reminded me of what I often say to others when they have a loss. "May the fond memories that you shared warm your heart and comfort you today." Thanks Gabby, for reminding us that our memories will "never go away." Be well.

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