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Forever tucked inside

To be gifted someone that loves you

To know that feeling in your heart

To be cared for well, and to feel safe

In life… that is the very best part

Love comes in many forms

And in many different ways

Sometimes it ends way too soon

Sometimes it gets to stay

We never know how long we'll have them

We won’t know when they will go

We learn to cherish moments and memories

Life is fragile and precious, that much we know

It is important to remember

That time is an unpredictable gift

And if we try harder not to waste it

Perhaps each moment will be less missed

How can we do this better?

How can we make the best of the time we’ve got?

I think we absolutely must remember

That time is a gift that cannot be bought

Whether our time with them is long or short

It’s not always in our hands

Why they were taken away too soon from us

We will never understand

The hardest thing about loving someone

Is when you have to say goodbye

There is no easy way to do that

You just have to feel, react, and cry

Every minute we are gifted time with them

And all the love they’ve thrown our way

Is a gift to be held onto tightly

It is ours, never to be given away

So, when it’s time to say goodbye

Despite the ache that we will feel

Despite the time that was stolen from us

Despite how many times we cry

Our love for them, and theirs for us will stay forever tucked inside….

by Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

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