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I see... life

As each day comes to an end, I ask myself three things:

What did I do well?

What can I do better?

And what did I learn?

I do this because I see myself as a constant work in progress, and while I know a lot, I do not know it all. If I allow myself to feel pride in doing something well, I must also accept that there are things I can do better, and with that I can learn, which I am totally okay with. It’s a beautiful balance, one that offers me clarity and growth.

I make it a point to learn something every single day; about life, friendship, communication, love, faith, death, what it feels like to ache so deep you can hardly move, and then the next day feel so much joy. Life is crazy like that… and there is so much to learn, and experience, and see, and do, and feel. That is life…

People ask me how I can see so much death.

That is a very fair question.

But please know… that is not all I see.

I see love, commitment, fear, joy, family strength as well as disconnect, uncertainty, peace, curiosity, sadness, culture, strength, vulnerability, tradition, faith… I see life.

And I see how truly amazing it can be, and how blessed I am to have it right now.

I see life... and I appreciate every single moment that I am gifted.



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