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If I could hug your heart.

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

If I could hug your heart

I’ll tell you what I’d do

I would squeeze it just enough

To take the pain from you

I’d put it in a jar

And tightly close the top

I would tell it that it’s not welcome here

And I’d ask it just to stop

I know that things are hard for you

I see it in your face

The struggle and the ache you feel

Is taking up your space

It needs to be worked through though

And it will take some time

Until you are ready for that

Please put your hand in mine

I will sit right here beside you

I’ll listen to everything you say

I’ll comfort and support you

I’ll show up and I will stay

That is what someone needs

When they are grieving and feeling pain

Their lives have changed forever

They will never be the same

One day that jar can open

Know I will be right by your side

I’ll hand you all the tissues

Until your eyes have dried

The jar may never empty

The pain won't go away

But your heart will fill back up again

And all the memories you shared... will stay.



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