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Let's Talk About It

Updated: Mar 10

If we talked about it more openly

If we said the words out loud

If we pushed aside the fear and the uncertainty

Maybe the conversation would be more welcomed… and allowed

It is us that puts the walls up

We’ve created the fear

We’ve wrapped it up in stigma

We’ve made it so unclear

Why do we dance around it

Why do we whisper its name

Why does talking about death and dying

Make us feel so much shame

It won’t happen any faster

We aren’t moving it ahead

Talking about death and dying

Does not mean we’ll soon be dead

We should talk about it more openly

We should have conversations every day

We should ask our loved ones what they want

So we can honor them in every way

The one thing we can be certain of

Is that we are all going to die

One day it will be your turn

One day it will be mine

But having the conversation

Does not speed up the time

Having the conversation

Honors your wishes and honors mine

I want to talk about it

With my family and my friends

I want honoring one another

To be the message that we send

Let’s stop avoiding the conversation

Let’s remove the stigma and the fear

Let’s lean in a little closer

Let their wants and wishes be everything we hear

We can talk about it over tea or coffee

We can play The Death Deck game

Let's have the conversation

So that we can be the change

Talk about it...



Link to The Death Deck game:

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