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Like a Butterfly

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

When that last breath is taken

the air in the room leaves for just a moment

leaving those in its presence

holding their breath

it is at that moment when we are all reminded

how truly fragile and precious life is

Life is much like a butterfly, whose wings, which

are delicate in nature, are powerful, miraculous, and strong

sometimes able to make it through fierce winds

while other times, no longer able to fly, feeling the

wind blowing through the tiny tears in its wings

knowing … the end is near

Life is like that … fierce, strong, fragile, and precious … like a butterfly

by Gabrielle Jimenez

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1 Comment

Mar 09, 2023

Yes, Gabby. Our lives are precious and fragile indeed. Caring for my dad during his last two and a half months of life were the most fragile yet precious moments of my life. It impacted me and inspired me to become a peer-to-peer grief educator. One day, I may even start a grief support group. I would like to hold presence for others during their saddest days and shower them with love. Thank you for showering us with your words of wisdom. EW

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