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The Foggy Days of Grief

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

I was thinking recently that grief is like a really foggy day; you go out for a walk, you see the path below your feet, you are moving forward but when you look a little further ahead, you cannot see what is out there in front of you... you have no idea what is around the corner or what awaits you when you arrive... you only know they won't be there... and that can feel scary, difficult, and sad.

One of the hardest parts of navigating grief, is the unknown and the uncertainty as you imagine the days that are coming, the ones where you must go it alone, without the person you said goodbye to, without doing the things you used to do, without being able to count on them being there. And this doesn't just relate to a death, you can also grieve the ending of a friendship or a relationship. You are so used to having this person in your life that you feel a little unsteady on your feet... doubting your ability to walk the path with some semblance of grace.

When you no longer have someone in your life that has been there for a long time, when you have to keep moving forward without them, when you have to remind yourself day after day that they are gone... you almost welcome the fog, because in many ways we don't want to see around the corner.

The one thing you can count on with a foggy day, is that there will be sunny days too. They won't all be foggy, and you will eventually see a little further out... it won't be easy, but you will find your way.

I believe that one day, the fog will lift... and I am counting on it, for me and for each of you.



A special "thank you" to my friend Savannah who shared this photo with me on a day I was a little bit in the fog. xo

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