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The Grief Bubble

Today I sat with a husband who was preparing to say goodbye to his wife... When I asked him what I could do for him, he said "give me more time with her." We talked a lot about time and how we take it for granted, always assuming we have more...

This got me thinking about my own loss(es), and the grief I store on my shelf because it is safe there. Today I brought it off the shelf, I asked for it, I felt it, I sat with it for a bit... and while it made me sad and I full-blown-ugly-cried, it felt really good to be with it.

I thought to myself... this is my grief bubble. It's the place I can go when I want to be with it, which I know might sound weird, but it actually made me feel better. I never want to stop grieving my loss(es), because if I do, I am afraid that I will stop feeling what I feel right now... which is sadness from missing someone so badly (of course), and knowing I can never have them back, but also knowing that I was gifted them and I am truly grateful for that.

We are allowed to hang out in our grief bubble... it is the place where we can truly lean into our feelings. Today I liked it there... it might stay tucked away for awhile, but I know where it is, and I know I can go back there again, whenever I want to.

xo Gabby

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