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You have today

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Some days are harder than others to get out of bed.

Some days you want to throw the covers right over your head.

Some days you feel so much love in your heart ...

And yet other days... you feel sad and lonely from the start.

There are so many things, we each go through.

So many things we wish we could say or do.

So many things that haven't been said...

So many feelings get lost in our head.

But what if today was the last day of your life?

Did you hug your children, your husband or your wife?

Did you say all the things you've promised to say?

Or are you waiting for that perfect day?

What if you kept hidden away...

Never saying the things you wanted to say?

What if you missed all the chances that you had?

Would that fill you with regret or make you sad?

You do have today... and you can do all of these things...

Write letters, send texts, make people's phones ring.

Reach out to people you haven't talked to or seen...

Ask them if they need anything, and how they have been.

Say all of the things you've been meaning to say...

And if we wake up tomorrow, that is a bonus day.

We have missed some chances, we know that to be true ...

We can't go backwards, it's not something we can do.

But moving forward, "be the change you want to see"

Give the hugs, say the things, let's do this... you and me.



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