Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

If you or your company are interested in a group seminar, please let me know. I offer 2-3 hour classes that cover my personal philosophy on how to provide the most compassionate bedside care to someone who is dying, and comfort and support to those who are saying goodbye. This is a GREAT class. 

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"I have taken Gabby's volunteer group training course, her Best Three Months class and her beautiful Ritual & Ceremony workshop. Anyone who cares for someone who is dying should take one or all of her classes. I guarantee you that you will feel more confident in the work you do because of it. Gabby has a way with words, it feels like her heart is talking to you, and she shares everything without hesitation.

She is generous, she is kind and she is so wise. I would take any class she ever teaches."




I am a hospice nurse, an end-of-life doula and a conscious dying educator. I started writing a blog about two years ago because I wanted to share everything I witness at the bedside. Yes, I see a lot of death, but I also see love, culture, faith and life. I meet patients and families that remind me how beautiful and magical life is. I live my life more fiercely, and more fully now, because I truly understand how fragile and precious it is. 

I have written three books, and I teach classes, all of which are hospice and doula inspired. My intention is to inspire others to do this work, or at the very least feel more comfortable talking about death.



This is a recent article I wrote for the Conscious Dying Institute where I went for my end-of-life doula training: